Safety Training

Creating a culture of safety in your workplace
requires a comprehensive strategy.

To keep your workers safe, reduce lost work days and minimize worker’s compensation claims, the complete environment of your facility needs to be working together, safely.  We can help by creating a plan to meet your workplace safety needs.

In addition to driver safety training, our instructors have a wide variety of expertise in areas that can help improve your safety record.  Below is only a sample of training topics we offer:

  • General workplace safety and OSHA compliance
  • Supervisor training
  • Working around vehicles / workplace traffic control
  • Transfer station safety
  • Landfill equipment operation safety
  • Workplace violence / active shooter

…and other topics based on your specific needs

Supervisor Training

Effective supervision is a critical component to workplace safety.  Without training, supervisors are often in the dark about many important aspects required of them on a daily basis.  As beneficial as experience is, it’s no longer good enough for supervisor simply to have been with the company for several years.  Complex and frequently changing issues and regulations make it difficult to keep up in these areas, while still managing their workers.  We can help simplify this.

At Safety Research Consultants, Inc. we have classes on many important topics which we have identified as common managerial issues in the workplace.  We can help create training to fill your specific needs for your supervision staff.  Here is a sample of our current classes and classes we have offered:

  • First Responder Accident Investigation
  • Traffic Accident Investigation for Supervisors
  • Reasonable Suspicion Drug / Alcohol Recognition
  • Leadership for Supervisors
  • Training Topics for “Tailgate” Safety Meeting
  • Addressing Unsafe Behaviors
  • How to Address Disciplinary Issues
  • Effective Facility Safety Inspection & Follow Up
  • Proper Employee Engagement: How to listen, what to listen for and proper responses

We can also develop instructor segments related to all of our other training topics.