Mike Miner

Mike Miner

Mike Miner is an expert instructor for Safety Research Consultants, Inc., (SRC) who started his career in law enforcement in 1987. He worked as a deputy sheriff in the jail and on patrol for the County of San Bernardino in Southern California, and currently works as a welfare fraud investigator.

In one case, Miner uncovered a welfare caseworker who had created dummy accounts and paid her family members over $500,000 in county benefits. She is currently serving prison time on an 18-year conviction.

“Safety training is important because being safe is a perishable skill that will diminish without ongoing training,” Miner said. “Having ongoing safety training keeps those skills fresh and therefore helps keep drivers safer. I hope after an SRC training, that drivers will reflect on how safe they have been, and are reminded of things that they can do to continue being safe.”

He tells his own family to use the Smith System.

Miner holds an associate’s degree in criminal justice, and is a Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certified as a firearms instructor and Glock armorer.