Driver Safety Training

Providing your drivers with the best tools, training and information
is crucial to preventing traffic collisions.

At Safety Research Consultants, Inc., we offer courses on a range of topics to help your drivers arrive safe and on time.  Our defensive driving classes include important topics that are current and relevant to your drivers.  Sessions on specific topics can be created to fill a need within your fleet based on emerging issues you have identified.  Our qualified staff can assist in evaluation and in recognizing trends within your fleet.

The goal of our defensive driving classes is to create safer drivers thus reducing injuries, preventable crashes and liability.  Our mechanical-related topics help to reduce lost time due to equipment issues and help to prevent collisions.  Not only the full time, professional driver can benefit from our classes.  Sales staff, part time drivers and anyone else driving your vehicles (of any type) or driving their own vehicles while working for you will find value in our training.

Our training adheres to the educational philosophy of high trainee involvement, placing your drivers in a position to become involved in their training.  We believe in tapping into the knowledge base of your staff, guiding them into specific areas, and letting them analyze and discuss the important and relevant issues facing them each day.

Sample Topics for Defensive Driving Courses:

  • Basic Driver Safety
  • Distracted Driving
  • Pre & Post Trip Inspections
  • Backing Safety
  • Fatigue and Driving
  • Out of Service Criteria
  • Current and Emerging Trends

…and many more based on your specific needs


Our instructors at Safety Research Consultants, Inc. have backgrounds ranging from commercial vehicle enforcement / inspection, traffic collision reconstruction and facilitating traffic safety programs.  All staff consists of current or former law enforcement officers which helps to bring a unique depth in understanding and relating traffic safety topics to your drivers.