Accident Reconstruction

When one of your fleet vehicles is involved in traffic collision or and industrial incident you need someone looking out for your interests. Safety Research Consultants, Inc. can help you with this important, initial part of the process.

Because of reduced budgets for law enforcement agencies, many roadway traffic collisions have no at-scene investigation or a report. Even if an officer responds to the scene of a collision they are typically only obligated to document the event if there is injury to someone at the scene. If a party claims injury at a later time this can leave companies without any documentation of the event.

At SRC we offer a variety of services to help meet your specific requirements. You may need your supervisors trained in how to properly respond to traffic collisions. We can also assist by responding directly to your collision scene, often within only a few hours, while the conditions and evidence is still fresh. Follow up investigations are often an important aspect of both roadway and industrial accidents. Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience investigating and reconstructing major accidents using a variety of techniques.

Even a well written police report for a traffic collision involving one of your drivers does not look out for your interests. Reports are designed to find a simple, primary cause (we know this because our staff still conducts accident investigation training for officers). However, you know that when it comes to civil liability, issues are rarely “simple” or black and white. Our experienced staff understands this and makes sure your company’s interest and risk exposure are considered during the investigation.

Common services we can provide include:

  • Detailed follow up vehicle inspections
  • At-scene investigation
  • Documentation of the scene and vehicle including photography and video
  • Line-of-sight analysis / Time-distance analysis
  • Review of unique factors such as weather and visibility
  • Other more involved traffic collision reconstruction techniques


Companies are often the target of insurance fraud and exaggerated claims due to the perception of high insurance policy limits or self-insurance.  Our experience traffic and worksite investigators can help you by providing more complete and focused documentation, by representing only your interests and your company.